Track all your certifications and trainings directly within Microsoft Teams.
DocHawk is a super-simple way to track all of your certifications for your team.  It runs completely within the Microsoft Teams environment, making it readily accessible at all times but out of the way most of the time: ​
  • Prominent notifications of expired and expiring certificates

  • Send email reminders right from the DocHawk Dashboard

  • Very simple and easy set-up. 
    Most organizations are up and going in 20 minutes

  • Flexible enough to work in any industry.

  • Examples: DayCare Centers, Real Estate Agencies, Manufacturing, etc..

DocHawk: A Game Changer.


Employee Certifications and Trainings


Fast and Easy

Document Management


Manage Directly 

in Microsoft Teams

Convenient Dashboard
The DocHawk Dashboard is your one-stop shop. From the Dashboard you can manage the whole thing. 
Define Certifications and Expiration Intervals
From the DockHawk Certification page, you manage expiration intervals, resulting in alerts for expired and expiring employee/certification combinations.
Associate People With Certs
DockHawk enables you to quickly and easily associate your employees to the certifications which apply to them.
Quick and easy.